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The hitchhiker gets fucked from behind not keeping her white thong

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A guy picks up a pretty hitchhiker by the side of the road. She is beautiful and sexy and neither of them is wondering. They know very well where it will end. She gives him a greedy blowjob in the car and tells him that she wants to go further. The guy is fascinated by her ass and tells her to stand back. He takes her down the stairs out of sight and strips her of her little cut-off denim shorts. She goes to take off her thong, but he asks her to keep it. He barely shifts it and sinks into her. He fucks her from behind for long minutes before she comes to sit on his cock. He wants to get back on top and sticks her against the wall to fuck her from the back. He will end up enjoying on the top of her buttocks while sticking her white thong in the process.